Admissions Strategy with Lasting Impact

A new way to approach college admissions.

Getting into the best schools requires more than perfect scores. You need a holistic strategy. We are a team of industry professionals, lawyers, doctors, and educators. We can help.

We are shaking up the college counseling industry. 

Our forward-thinking approach provides students insights into admissions strategy that directly lead to their dream career.

Every decision matters in high school, and they matter even more in college. From internships to full-time jobs, students that start early stand out early.

We can help you through this process from beginning to end.


Using our StrengthsFinder assessment and in-depth interviews with advisors, students develop a list of appropriate schools and majors.

Strategy Development

We ensure that your extracurricular activities, summer programs / internships, and high school classes are all aligned to your goals.

Essay Assistance

From choosing a topic, to developing your narrative, to editing, your essay is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Ace the Interview

We discuss potential questions and responses, and conduct mock interviews that are videotaped, and then critiqued.   

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